Rent of machinery

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Contact us: +370 684 86703; +370 616 31911

The rent of construction machinery includes fuel and operator.

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Technical information:

  • weight: 2800 kg;
  • bucket lifting height: 2,5 m;
  • bucket capacity: 0,4 m3.

Services of mini excavator include the following:

  • site leveling and formation;
  • loading;
  • transportation;
  • digging (up to the depth of 2.8m.) works for all your needs concerning site management.

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Technical infromation:

  • weight: 2375 kg;
  • lifting capacity: 600  kg;
  • bucket lifting capacity:  2,8 m;
  • bucket capacity: 0,3 m3.

With excavator we dig:

  • trenches for cables, water supply, sewerage, geothermal heating, drainage etc.;
  • trenches for pools, ponds, dammed ponds.

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with accesories: bucket, hammer, drill, pellet forks.

Technical information:

  • weight: 2375 kg;
  • lifting capacity: 900  kg;
  • bucket lifting height: 2,8 m;
  • bucket capacity: 0,3 m3;
  • engine capacity: 40 HP;
  • wheel formula: 4×4.

With BOBCAT lifter:

  • we move and transport soil, dig trenches and clean snow;
  • we drill different diametre holes for foundations, fence posts, collumns etc;
  • with pellet forks we can load or unload various oversized cargos up to 1 ton: metal beam, pipes, balks, boxes, unroot stumps etc.;
  • with hydraulic hammer we destroy concrete, reinforced concrete and masonry constructions, destroy asphalt, foundations, partitions and enclosures etc.

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Technical information:

  • weight: 17 tons;
  • track width: 45 cm;
  • bulldozer width: 3 m 20 cm.

With T-130 bulldozer:

  • we dig dammed ponds;
  • level soil;
  • move and glide constructional sites;
  • uproot trees etc.

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Technical information:

  • total weight: 25 tons;
  • lifting capacity: 3 tons;
  • platform length: 4,5 m;
  • platform width: 2,4 cm.

Dumper services:

  • we transport powdery cargos;
  • we bring gravel, soil, chippings, bran, constructional debris;
  • we dispose soil, constructional debris, we can load ourselves.

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Technical information:

  • lifting capacity: 24 tons;
  • platform length: 8,5 m
  • platform width: 2,40 cm;
  • wheel formula: 4×2;

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Transportation of construction machinery  and other cargos in Lithuania  (the platform has an approach ramp).

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Technical information:

  • total weight: 3,5 tons;
  • platform length: 3,1 meters;
  • platform width: 2,2 cm;
  • wheel formula: 4×2.

Dumper services:

  • we carry cargos up to 2,5 tons.